Archive films digitised thanks to A Bigger Picture Project

Thanks to A Bigger Picture Project led by London Screen Archives, a number of our films have been digitised and can now be viewed on the BFIplayer.


This film provides a glimpse in to what life was like on the factory floor at the Telephone Cables Factory in Dagenham. Telephone Cables was one of the biggest manufacturers of electrical cables in Europe, and the film shows huge machines are shown spooling cables operated by women, who are being observed by a rather oddly dressed foreman in the background.  This is one of a series of films from the Telephone Cables Collection.

Another film digitised as part of this project shows key moments in the development of the Ford Motor Company, such as the launch of the Ford Anglia. The film, entitled, A Scrapbook of Ford in England dating from 1959, has a dramatic tone but a light touch – alongside footage of important world events, there are shots of a couple dancing on the roof of a car and of driving chimps – with much focus on the factories in Manchester and Dagenham, as well as glimpses of Ford’s showroom on Regent Street, London.

There are also films relating to elderly welfare, and everyday family life in Barking and Dagenham. You can discover these films here.

If you enjoy watching old films, don’t miss our next Film Screening on Tuesday 16 February. We will be showing films relating to the development of housing estates in Barking and Dagenham. Tickets are £3 (Refreshments provided). To book a place, email or telephone 020 8227 2034.