EVERYDAY FUTURES / Dagenham Bookbindery: Eggy Zine Making Workshop

Friday 1st June 2018

Dagenham Council used to have its own Bookbindery at Valence House which was much documented by Egbert E. Smart, binding council minutes, new publications, library books and much more. The Dagenham Bookbindery will be reactivated metres away from its original site for one day only as part of EVERYDAY FUTURES.

A fanzine making workshop, using selected photographs from the Egbert E. Smart Archives, we will talk through key themes in the collection and collate to produce new fanzines. These will help inform the selection process for three new photo-books that are being produced as part of the project.

The workshop will be led by artist Verity-Jane Keefe and London Centre for Book Arts

LCBA will show and talk through different binding techniques and help participants make their own Eggy Zine.

12pm-4pm. Free event. Register your interest via Eventbrite.

EVERYDAY FUTURES is a Heritage Lottery Funded project led by artist Verity-Jane Keefe in partnership with Barking & Dagenham’s Archives & Local Studies Centre at Valence House.