Exhibition: New Town Culture :-) :-D :-& :-O

Saturday 3rd July 2021 — Saturday 4th September 2021

New Town Culture :-) :-D :-& :-O

Art for young people (adults welcome ;-)


What’s it all about?!

:-) :-D :-& :-O is about creating a space that celebrates some of the work and approaches explored during the New Town Culture project.

Platforming, Giganticising, Amplifying some of the pieces the young people have made and splashing them across every surface of the gallery.

Giant ‘clay’ chairs will invite visitors to relax and spend time in the gallery.  Visitors can interact with a sound wall and light projections – create beats and layers from the sounds recorded by the young people and shift shapes across the projections to create patterns and landscapes.  Role play on the mini stage or take a seat to watch the video made from the young people’s animations.

FREE entry.