The museum may be closed for the moment, but we are hard at work developing lots of fun, free activities to keep all of the family entertained at home.

Check back regularly for new boredom busters, craft ideas, community challenges and much more.

Boredom Busters

an Easter basket craft activity




Food Scoop: The Tasty Museum Card Game

Wade the Whale’s Matching Cards Game
Try to find the matching pairs as quickly as you can. Click on the cards to turn them over and see.


Make an Easter Basket
Make a Kite
Make an Egyptian Collar
Make a Spitfire Instructions
Make a Cressida Fanshawe Planter



Summer Cupcakes
Kim’s Fancy Fairy Cakes
Kim’s Famous Shortbread Biscuits
Kim’s Best Scones 



Wade the Whale’s Fishing Wordsearch
Wade the Whale’s Fishing Wordsearch Answers

Wade the Whale’s Transport Wordsearch
Wade the Whale’s Transport Wordsearch Answers

VE Day Wordsearch
VE Day Wordsearch Answers

Wade the Whale’s Parks Word Search
Wade the Whale’s Parks Word Search Answers



Spot the Difference 1
Spot the Difference 1 Solution

Spot the Difference 2
Spot the Difference 2 Solution

Spot the Difference 3
Spot the Difference 3 Solution

Spot the Difference 4
Spot the Difference 4 Solution

Spot the Difference 5
Spot the Difference 5 Solution

Spot the Difference 6
Spot the Difference 6 Solution

Spot the Difference 7
Spot the Difference 7 Solution

Spot the Difference Becontree Mural
Spot the Difference Becontree Mural Solution



Becontree Estate Crossword
Becontree Estate Crossword Answers

Local History Crossword 1
Local History Crossword 1 Answers

Local Famous Faces Crossword 
Local Famous Faces Crossword Crossword Answers



Guess the Object 1
Guess the Object 1 Answers

Guess the Object 2
Guess the Object 2 Answers

Guess the Object 3
Guess the Object 3 Answers

Guess the Object 4
Guess the Object 4 Answers

Guess the Object 5
Guess the Object 5 Answers

Guess the Object 6
Guess the Object 6 Answers



Animals of Valence House Maze

Gardens of Valence House Maze



Morse Code Street Party Activity Sheet



You will be redirected to a different site.

Crown Street, Dagenham – 9 tiles

Dagenham Breach – 9 tiles

Becontree Heath School, Dagenham – 9 tiles

Valence House, Dagenham – 9 tiles

Church Street, Dagenham -16 tiles

Wellington Mill, Barking – 16 tiles

Eastbury Manor House, Barking – 16 tiles

The Curfew Tower And Old Vicarage, Barking – 16 tiles

Civic Centre, Dagenham – 16 tiles



You will be redirected to a different site. The number of pieces on all the jigsaws can be altered to your preferred amount, the number shown is the default.

Sir Richard Fanshawe Jigsaw -42 pieces 

Anne Fanshawe Jigsaw – 42 pieces

Thomas Fanshawe and his Second Wife, Elizabeth – 42 pieces

Wade the Whale Jigsaw – 20 pieces

Easter Bunnies Jigsaw – 20 pieces

Becontree Mural Jigsaw – 50 pieces

Dagenham Girl Pipers Jigsaw – 50 pieces

Painting of Dagenham Breach – 100 pieces

Valence House Jigsaw – 100 pieces

VE Day Street Party 1945 Jigsaw – 25 pieces


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