Local Authority Records

Explore the records that we hold concerning the administration, management, policy and decision making processes of successive local councils on issues such as housing, public health, education, town planning, parks, transport and civil defence.

Archive guide3 Local authority records
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Rate Books

Rate books are a great way to discover the history of your house or the whereabouts of an elusive ancestor. Find out exactly what rate books we have at the Barking and Dagenham Archives and Local Studies Centre.

Archive guide4 Rate books
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School Records

Discover the records that we hold concerning primary and secondary schools in Barking and Dagenham dating from 1871. These sorts of records have the potential to reveal how the provision of education and the experiences of school children have changed since the Victorian Era.

Archive guide5 School records
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Oral History Collection

Find out more about our Oral History Collection. These recordings often provide not only a valuable insight into important events and everyday life, but also new perspectives that challenge our view of the past.

Archive guide6 Oral histories
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