‘Colour Scenes 1968’ – Beacontree Heath

For our second edition of Film Fridays we’ve got some council footage mainly filmed on and around Beacontree Heath c.1968.

There are some familiar sites including the Ship and Anchor and Three Travellers pubs, but if you recognise any of the other locations please do let us know what and where they are. Comments are open for people to share there thoughts and memories, but please remember any inappropriate comments will be removed.

There is no sound on this film. Enjoy!


All films copyright of LBBD Archives – not to be reproduced without permission.

28 thoughts on “‘Colour Scenes 1968’ – Beacontree Heath

  1. Merry Fiddlers pub next to the garage/Shell petrol station.
    3m50secs Robert Clack lower school (Triptons).
    Fantastic footage.
    Keep me on the mailing list if you have more.
    Gary Thornton – ex Coote Road

  2. Valence park had a lido , we all loved the paddling pool and always played near the lake , swinging on the willow tree

    Debbie Collins

    Valence Wood Road

  3. I was in Dagenham today, came past our old Triptons lower school.. to the lights, swimming pool ahead (was the Merry Fiddlers pub), turned left towards the civic centre, making my way to the Goresbrook cemetary where both my parents now buried, lots of change there now, all flats along the main road, replaced by what was the bus garage.. shops. Gone the greenery, now All flats, high and low rise… looking very beige.. I lived in Marston Ave, past what was the Merry Fiddlers, the garage next to it, first left on Wood Lane… great seeing the video, more open spaces and grass!!

  4. I went to Bishop Ward school. Opposite the bus garage. That was in the mid to late 60’s.
    I remember one of our teachers telling us that the land in front of the school was greenbelt and couldn’t be built on. A few years it was full of flats.

    1. It was left in a will by Robert Clack with the proviso the green belt could not be built . Year later the council found a loophole and the flats went up completely obscuring the Robert Clack school. I can remember crossing the green to the lollypop man and having a bundle with the Bishop Ward pupils. Robert Clack and Bishop ward enemies lol

  5. Great memories
    Had some great laughs playing pool badly in the merry fiddlers (hustlers) and playing killer darts just as badly in the ship
    Great laughs at bishop Ward school
    Former resident Temple Avenue

  6. Oh WoW that took me back,
    Remembering going swimming with my grandad Fred every Sunday morning,
    So much open space back then and looked so clean and tidy, then a few years later it was down the Fiddlers on a Friday and Saturday night to listen to the resident DJ Mr Tommy Butler…
    great memories

  7. Well you used to get 5 star petrol in the shell garage and collect coins when I went with my dad. Lunch time at Robert clack we would buy a loaf of bread have it cut in half, eat the middle then get the chippy to fill it with chips, lovely. Or pie, mash and liquor. No school runs, we walked what ever the weather. Dagenham was nice and people proud .

  8. Great archive film! Was 18yrs old then, taking driving lessons, the roundabout at cross roads of Wood Lane and Green Lanes , now traffic lights filled me with dread !There was a cinema on the corner and I saw all the Hammer horror films there !

  9. Great memories, brought back to me. I don’t remember the shell petrol garage next to the Ship & Anchor. I only remember it, as the car park, in front of Devonish Builders Merchant’s. I also didn’t realise that the swimming baths were built around that time.

  10. I wonder if James K was at Triptons/Robert Clack at a similar time to me (early 80’s). I remember the half loaf of white bread stuffed with chips was really popular then. It was called “out dinners” by the school- you had to get your parents to sign a slip to say you could go out into B.Heath at luchtime when you first went up to the school at 11 years old (year 1 back then). I also remember how there was a big outcry when they tried to change the name of The Merry Fidlers- the t.v crews came to film. Think it was Danny Baker and some weekend show on LWT.

    1. My father Tony keen used to have the greengrocers next to the chippy in whalebone lane south ,everybody Use to come and get the half a loaf from him and go next door to fill with chips , I wasn’t allowed☹️

  11. my parents moved to Dagenham from Stepney just after the war it gave them modern up to date living a big garden they even keep chickens all a product of cheap affordable housing they were very happy.

  12. I was brought up at beacontree heath, born in ’64. I have good memories but it’s all changed now and glad i don’t live there now. My brother George used to work at the 3 travellers when Alf and Sadie ran it..

  13. Great memories and I wouldn’t change my up bringing for anything ,hanging around the golden fish nightly then disco in the seabrook hall , strippers in the fiddlers and great times in Robert clack

  14. The shell petrol station by the fiddles had a workshop which was in the film, the workshop was for Dixie coaches and you could book a coach trip in there office which was across the road which used to be next to the fish and chip shop (not the golden fish). The coach shop was where the African chicken food shop is today. Also there where public toilets in the middle of the roundabout. Remember quing up with my dad for 1 gallon of petrol in the mid seventies during the opec fuel shortages, que went right back across the road to the Odean cinema which is now iceland. No one got angry and everyone was cheerfull. Good times.

  15. Who remembers the Alan Pond garages, with the free glasses with every so many gallons, we loads of the bloody things

  16. I got married in the new Methodist church at Beacontree Heath in 1978. The vicar was Trevor Lockwood a really lovely man.

  17. Hello I grew up on the Triptons estate in the 50’s through to the late 70’s. Wonderful nostalgic photographs. Does anyone have any knowledge of the Green Lane bus crash of the mid 60’s.

  18. Went to Triptons school and Robert clack school in the 70s remember chips in A loaf of bread . Got to school by bus 145 and 62 . Great days

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