Colour Scenes – Dagenham Village

For the latest instalment of Film Fridays we’re going over to Dagenham Village. This film focuses on the redevelopment of the area in the late 1960s/early 1970s and I’m sure there will be plenty of strong opinions and memories of the area. Please do share in the comments below.

The film has no souund.


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7 thoughts on “Colour Scenes – Dagenham Village

  1. In hindsight it would have been better to have renovated the buildings lining Crown Street, and built the Ibscott Estate with a few less flats etc. Thank goodness they didn’t destroy the Cross Keys and St. Peter & St Paul Church.

  2. I used to walk through the village to school in the 40s and 50s, went to Cubs in the church hall used to dare to climb up and look into the mortuary opposite. Great memories, pity something more wasn’t done to preserve the area.

  3. Absolutely sad that the 400 year old buildings lining crown street have all been demolished or refurbished in a manner that reduced the character of the place. Even the Vicarage, last year, in 2019 had been converted into flats. Not one original feature in sight. Even the “Victorian style” windows look nothing at all like original features. When it comes to heritage, Dagenham is a disgrace.

  4. I have always lived in the part of BD furthest away from Dagenham Village so I wasn’t familiar with its history. Having read about the village over time I am horrified at what the council got away with at that time. It seems the council of today have picked up where it left off. Not only sweeping away our history from under our feet but continually re- developing
    things that replaced our historic past with blocks of towers which will probably be demolished in future plans. From a borough always bleating how poor we are an awful lot of council/sponsors cash is being spilt. So sorry for your loss, Dagenham Village, I wish I could have experienced your loss before the bulldozers tiptoed in.

  5. Anton Sakshaug says:
    18th January 2021 at 7:08 pm

    From my uncle, Frederick Manning.
    Born 1925, lived in Church Elm Lane, Dagenham.
    Now nearly blind but still writing poems and memories.


    Crown Street and Church Elm Lane,
    A sloping village street.
    Where I would walk to infant school,
    With laggard scraping feet.

    The country church where I was blessed,
    The Cross Keys pub, nearby.
    The windmill on corn chandler’s shop,
    I see in memory’s eye.

    Crown Street and Church Elm Lane,
    But now, no village street.
    Another sacrificial lamb,
    To lay at planners feet.

    But, yesterday’s nostalgia,
    And I must leave it so.
    Who am I, to prefer the sight?
    Of the place I used to know.

  6. I live in Colchester and I tried to make a stand against luxury houses being built on a nature reserve. They were.

    They tried to say Dagenham village houses were slums in order to justify demolition. Basically they obliterated a village from the face of the earth and built ugly characterless buildings.

    I lived on the Rookery Farm estate which was on a human scale even if it was too much of the same . Afterwards I lived in Oldmead House .This is a high rise built on the site of the wonderful Exeter Road and its houses. There were families in there who would have been much better served in the old Exeter Road houses.

    When will they ever learn.

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