Dagenham Road Safety – ‘Last Testament’

We’re beginning Film Fridays with one of our Dagenham Road Safety videos. Filmed in the 1950s they were part of a campaign run by Dagenham Borough Council to reduce deaths on the road. They were all filmed locally and are a great opportunity for us to see moving images of Dagenham from this period.

Last Testament includes scenes filmed on the Heathway and Wood Lane amongst many others. Maybe you recognise some places and can tell us where they are? Or perhaps you just have some fond memories to share. Comments are open for people to share there thoughts and memories, but please keep it clean as any inappropriate comments will be removed.

This film does have sound so remember to turn up the volume. Enjoy the film!


All films copyright of LBBD Archives – not to be reproduced without permission.

2 thoughts on “Dagenham Road Safety – ‘Last Testament’

  1. I remember as a young child, white painted footprints leading to the zebra crossings at the Merry Fiddlers roundabout, to encourage people to use them, this would have been around the early to mid-sixties and before the major redevelopment in the area

  2. Before my time but still enjoyed the seeing the area, especially the park with the swing boat and swings those I do remember.

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