Dagenham Road Safety – ‘Suicide? or Murder?’

It’s time for Film Fridays take 3. We’re back on the Dagenham Road Safety films again this week – the second half of the film in particular has some great footage of the Heathway, Chequers roundabout, and Chadwell Heath High Road amongst others.

As always please share your thoughts and memories of the areas in the film and help us identify some of the places featured. Enjoy!


All films copyright of LBBD Archives – not to be reproduced without permission.

7 thoughts on “Dagenham Road Safety – ‘Suicide? or Murder?’

  1. It was lovely to hear and see this film of Dagenham where i grew up. I lived on valance avenue. I now live in Manchester and there is no one left to visit so thank you.

  2. So lovely to watch, my grandparents and family were from this area and we used to visit all the time. Brings back happy memories

  3. Great film. I was born in Powell Gardens off Heathway in 1948 so I remember all the places in the film. I even worked in a shop opposite Heathway station. I moved to Valence Road as a child and I remember Vallence House and the park with the swimming pool with many fond memories. Thanks for stirring my memories.

  4. Wow really enjoy seeing old films of Dagenham and surrounding areas as it brings back a lot of memories how the places have changed .

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