Alice, wife of John Fanshawe of Parsloes, ob. 1662. Dau of Sir Thomas fanshawe of Jenkins K.B.

Object number

LDVAL 2007.5.2


after 1659 – before 1662


Black and white photograph of an oil painting of Alice Fanshawe that has been highlighted with black and white watercolour paints. Donated as part of a larger Fanshawe donation to the archives department. Mounted in cream card. Alice Fanshawe, daughter of Sir Thomas Fanshawe of Jenkins and Susanna Otten (see no.42). In 1659 she became the second wife of John Fanshawe, 2nd of Parsloes (see no.37), who was also her cousin. Together they had two children: Susanna (1660-1661) and Thomas (1662-1699). Five days after the baptism of their son, Alice was buried at Barking, on 24th April 1662. See also no.2.

Physical description

Black and white image showing a middle aged woman turned to her left. She wears a deep, square cut gown of dark satin, under which she has an opaque, white collar. At the centre of the neckline of her dress she wears a jeweled brooch. She wears pearl necklace and earrings, and her brown hair is loose around her face in curls. She has a plain satin shawl draped around her shoulders which also covers the back of her head. Set in a feigned floral oval frame. The underlying photograph clearly shows the texture of the canvas on which the original portrait was painted, but details on her face, dress and hair, and parts of the frame have been highlighted in black and white watercolour paint.






Image length: 282mm
width: 231mm
Frame length: 555mm
width: 430mm
Depth: 22mm

Collection type

Social history


Dedication Painted Beheath portrait: Alice wife of John Fanshawe of Parsloes ob. 1662. Dau of Sir Thomas Fanshawe of Jenkins K.B.

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1679/2 (2007-01-23)

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Start dateafter 1659
End datebefore 1662
InstitutionValence House Museum
Collection typeSocial history