Ann, Lady Fanshawe

Object number

LDVAL 2007.5.1


January 1795


Framed small black and white engraving of Ann, Lady Fanshawe. Copy similar to the portrait of Ann Fanshawe in Valence House Museum's collections (see no.8). Possibly a page taken from a book. Part of a larger donation of Fanshawe material donated to the archives department. Ann Fanshawe was the daughter of Sir John Harrison of Balls Park, Herts., and his wife Margaret Fanshawe of Fanshawe Gate. In the summer of 1643, a few months after her 18th birthday Ann joined her father at the Royal Court in Oxford. It is here that she met her husband, Sir Richard Fanshawe (see no.26), who was 17 years older than her and her second cousin. They Married in 1644 and had 14 children together: Harrison (b. & d. 1645); Ann (1646-1654); Henry (1647-1649); Richard (1648-1659) (see no.27); Elizabeth (B. & d. 1650); Elizabeth (1651-1656); Katherine (1652-?); Margaret (1653-1705) (see LDVAL 2004.5.6); Ann (1654-?) (see no.9 and LDVAL 2004.5.5); Mary (1656-1660); Henry (b. & d. 1657); Elizabeth (1662-?); Richard (b. & d. 1663); Richard (1665-1694). Ann also had three miscarriages. During the 22 years of the marriage Ann followed and supported her husband in his efforts for the Royalist cause. In 1666 Sir Richard died in Spain and Lady Ann Fanshawe set off overland to Calais with her baby son Richard and four daughters all under the age of 14, to bring her husbands body back to England for burial. Wishing to preserve memories of their father for the children, especially the surviving son Richard, Lady Ann wrote a private account of her married life and the important works of Sir Richard. 'The Memoirs of Lady Ann Fanshawe' have since become a standard eyewitness account of life during the Civil War, and diplomacy in the Courts of Spain and Portugal in that era. Ann Fanshawe died in 1680, and her son Richard died in 1694 at the age of 29, without an heir, and so the baronetcy became extinct.

Physical description

Small black and white stipple engraving of a young woman turned to her right. She wears a deep square necked gown of dark material, with a white transparent garment underneath which has a wide collar trimmed with lace. Her brown shoulder length hair is worn loose in curls and is dressed with flowers. Set on a dark, plain background within a feigned oval frame. Mounted in cream paper.




Fiesinger, Franze Gabriel (1723-1807). German engraver.




Image length: 132mm
width: 82mm
Frame length: 314mm
width: 252mm
Depth: 19mm

Collection type

Social history


Inscription Printed Beneath image: Engraved by Fiesinger ANN LADY FANSHAWE London, Published by Cadell Junr & Davies, Strand, June 1, 1795

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1679/1 (2007-01-22)

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DateJanuary 1795
InstitutionValence House Museum
Collection typeSocial history