Annual competiion between council and employees

Object number

LDVAL 2006.10.29




Solid silver trophy awarded for the annual competition between the members of the Council and the employees of the Corporation. Presented to the Mayor and Corporation of Barking by Councillor Arthur Blake E.C.C., 9th November 1936.

Physical description

Large trophy with a deep body, which has banded decoration at both top and bottom. The stem is plain and the foot has a single step. It has undecorated handles and a tall, banded lid. The lid is topped by a coloured enamel finial representing the logo of the Borough of Barking. This logo is also engraved onto the front of the trophy, above the dedication.




WINNERS 1961. W. Holderness 1962. J. Dennis 1963. J. W. Dyster 1964. C. Clapp 1965. R. Clapp 1966. R. Clapp 1967. J. W. Dyster 1968. R. Clapp 1969. G. Banks 1970. J. W. Dyster 1971. J. W. Dyster 1972. J. W. T. Dyster 1973. J. W. T. Dyster 1974. J. W. T. Dyster 1975. J. W. T. Dyster 1976. Mr G. Banks 1977. Mr G. banks 1978. Mr H. F. Brown 1979. Mr H. F. Brown 1980. Mr H. F. Brown 1981. Mr H. F. Brown 1982. Mr H. F. Brown 1983. Mrs T. Faulkner 1984. Mr s. Price 1985. Mr S. Price 1986. Mr S. Potticary 1987. Mr M. Tatham 1988. Mr S. price 1989. Mr S. price 1990. Mr S. Price 1991. Mr T. Oldland 1992. Mr T. Oldland




Whole height: 555mm
Diameter - top: 220mm
Diameter - base: 185mm

Collection type

Social history


Inscription Engraved On front: Presented to The Mayor and Corporation Of Barking by Councillor Arthur Blake E.C.C. 9th November 1936
Inscription Engraved On reverse: For Annual Competition between the Members of the Council and Emploees of the Corporation
Hallmark Stamped On reverse: Undecipherable / [crown] / [lion} / [u]

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1643/29 (2006-02-14)

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