Barking's Charter Celebrations - Exhibition and Procession

Object number

LDVAL 2007.9.4


exact January 2nd, 1931


Single page from the Daily Mirror, dated Friday October 2, 1931. Shows a series of 6 photographs illustrating the exhibition and procession of Barking's charter celebrations.

Physical description

Single sheet of newspaper, page 34. In the top left corner of the page is an advert for Bear Brand Hose, and in the top right corner is an advert for HP sauce. Between these is a weather forecast. Below these are 6 black and white photographs (left to right): "British made match boxes at Barking's exhibition" - shows a lady in a white overcoat standing beside a very large pile of match boxes; "A pretty trio in the procession" - shows two young girls on either side of a black Shetland pony; "Another view of the procession through East-street" - an aerial view of decorated cars and busses, plus a marching band, passing between crowds of spectators; "Procession of decorated vehicles following the opening of the exhibition" - shows a parade of horses passing down a flag lined street; "The mayor among business girls. A regatta was held on the Park Lake" - a picture of the Mayor surrounded by a group of young women dressed in fancy dress; "Colonel A. E. Martin, Barking's first mayor, sharing a roundabout horse with Anna Neagle, the actress" - picture of the Mayor sitting on a wooden horse, behind a young woman. Standing at the front and back of the horse are two more women.




Newspaper Clipping


Whole length: 379mm
width: 295mm

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Alternative reference

Entry Number 1513/4 (2007-02-27)

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Start dateexact January 2nd, 1931
InstitutionValence House Museum
TypeNewspaper Clipping
Collection typeEphemera