Basil Thomas Fanshawe (1857-1944)

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Born on 28th July 1857, Basil Thomas was the second son of John Gaspard Fanshawe and his wife Barbara Frederica Beaujolois Coventry. He was baptised at his mothers home, Earl's Croome, Worcestershire. He attended Repton School from 1871 to 1875, after which he served his apprenticeship at Easton and Anderson's Works, Erith. After qualifying as a civil engineer he was persuaded, in 1878, to accompany his great friend Evelyn Pulteney to Ceylon to take up tea planting. During the first 10 years of his time in Ceylon, he only returned home once. On his second visit, in 1890, he married Mary Georgina Clerke at St. Michael's, Chester Square on 19th April. After their marriage, they returned to Ceylon where their first child was born. Together they had six children: Muriel Mary (1891-?); Aubrey Basil (1893-?); Aline Barbara (1896-?);Rachael Georgina (1897-?); Vere (1900-?); Evelyn Gascoyne (1903-?). After a few years they returned to England and settled in Devon.In 1897 Basil bought property at Bratton Flemming and built the present house, Holywell Girt. He also acquired at property at Exmoor called Greenlands. He was Lord of the Manor of Bratton Fleming. He became Deputy Master of the Barnstaple Stag-Hounds and Quarme Harriers, and on 28th January 1900 he joined the North Devon Imperial Yeomanry, resigning five years later when an Honorary Captain. His elder brother Evelyn became the tenth and last Fanshawe to own Parsloes. It was sold 1916 and has since been demolished. Two modern cottages were built by the London County Council with Tudor Bricks from Parsloes Manor House, and most of the land has become Parsloes Park - the largest open space in the centre of the Becontree Estate.

Physical description

Bust length portrait of an older man with moustache, turned slightly to his left. Wearing ?scarlet and silver uniform of the Royal North Devon Hussars?. A dark blue uniform coat with red collar and cuffs and heavy gold braiding on sleeves, front, shoulders and collar. Has a gold sash running over his left shoulder and under his right arm. Has a navy cape with red lining. There are gold chains attached to the sash at his left shoulder. The hilt of a sword is just visible at the bottom right corner. With grey hair and a grey handlebar moustache. Seated in an arm chair. On a plain brown background.




John William Schofield (1865 in Halifax – 1944 in London). R.I., R.B.A., R.B.C. He studied at Westmister School of Art and Paris. Exhibited 14 works at the Royal Academy between 1889 and 1904. Famous for his 1923 watercolour and ink “Moonlit farmstead with farmer and sheep”.


Portrait Painting


Whole height: 1120mm
width: 900mm
Canvas height: 890mm
width: 690mm

Collection type

Visual arts, Fanshawe Portraits


Signature Painted Bottom left: J W Schofield / 1906

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