Captain Aubrey Fanshawe, R.N (1893 - 1973)

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c. 1912


Captain Aubrey Fanshawe was born 1893 and is the eldest son of Basil Thomas Fanshawe (see no.47) of Parsloes and Holywell Girt. He passed through the Royal naval Colleges, Osborne and Dartmouth, served throughout the First World War in torpedo-boat destroyers and saw action in Jutland. He was among the wounded when his Torpedo-Boat destroyer, the Botha, was mined in the English Channel at 1:00 am on 10th July 1919. The mine exploded under Aubrey's cabin and blew him out of bed. He awoke to find himself in water and escaped with only his gun and an electric torch. His medals of decoration include the 1914-1918 medal, the Royal Human Society's medals for saving life at sea, the Portuguese Military Order of Avis (Chevalier) and the Belgian Croix de Guerre. The collection of family portraits were given by him to the Borough of Dagenham in March, 1963.

Physical description

Bust length portrait of a young man wearing a dark blue or black double breasted jacket with decorated brass buttons. Underneath he wears a white shirt with a stiff collar with wings, and a black silk tie. He has brown hair which is parted on the left side, and gelled back. He is turned slightly to his right. Set on a mottled brown background.



Portrait Painting


Whole height: 800mm
width: 700mm
canvas height: 600mm
width: 490mm

Collection type

Visual arts, Fanshawe Portraits


Signature Painted Unknown: Fraser

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