Dagenham Town Show pidgeon section

Object number

LDVAL 2006.10.15


exact 1914


Solid silver trophy awarded at the Dagenham Town Show for the best exhibit in the pidgeon section.

Physical description

Large trophy with a plain body. The stem has a band in the middle, which has a running bead decoration. The foot has a single stem, which is also decorated with a running bead decoration. Set on a black plastic plinth inscribed with the names of the winners. There is evidence in the main body of previous engraving which has been polished out, suggesting that this trophy has been used previously as an award for other competitions. Just discernable is ?Jacob ?ruch Soc...?, which is probably the former name of this trophy, which was awarded on the early 1960s. Underneath ?Pigeon? can be seen the shadow of the word Beekeeping, in the same lettering as the modern engraving, suggesting that the engraver made a mistake in assigning this trophy to the beekeeping section of the Town Show and filed down the engraving and replaced it with Pigeon. Fragments of the winners names are just visible on the back, dating from the late 1050s, to 1962.




1963 S. Pummell 1964 S. Pummell 1965 E.J. Wooley 1966 Mrs J.L. Sessions 1967 J. O’Sulivan 1968 Mrs J.L. Sessions 1969 Mrs G.W. Carlo 1970 J. O’Sulivan 1971 F.W. Breedon 1972 K. Farley 1973 K. Farley 1974 J. Oldham 1975 F.W. Breedon 1976 J. O’Sulivan 1977 H. Champness & Son 1978 H. Chumpness 1979 Mr & Mrs A. Boakes 1980 P.C. Forder 1981 John R. Pite




Trophy height: 283mm
Diameter - top: 119mm
Plinth height: 80mm
Diameter - base: 165mm


Trophy: Silver
Plinth: Plastic

Collection type

Social history


Inscription Engraved On front: DAGENHAM TOWN SHOW TROPHY Awarded for the Best Exhibit in the Pidgeon Section
Hallmark Stamped on back: R&BS LD / [lion] / [leopards head] / [q]

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1643/15 (2006-02-14)

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