Discharge Certificate

Object number

LDVAL 2005.32.6


c. 1951 – 1955


RAF Form 1394. Brief statement of service and certificate on discharge. Belonged to Ronald Stanley Morbey, L.A.C. (Leading Aircraftman) of 20 Osborne Square, Dagenham. Born 27.02.33, Ronald Morbey was a Compositor when he singed up for National Service with the Air force on 8th April 1953, where he was a wireless operator at Melksham. His service finished on 25.04.55, after which time he entered the RAF Reserve for part-time service. The form contains general information on Mr Morbey, along with a description of his duties. Also a section (7) for an assessment of conduct proficiency and personal qualities, for which he has been given: Conduct - Exemplary; Ability as tradesman/aircrew - good; Leadership qualities - Good; co-operation - good; and Bearing - Smart.

Physical description

Buff coloured single sheet of papert, printed on both sides in black ink, with blank spaces for completion. These spaces have been filled in with blue ink, black types ink and with a purple stamp.






Whole length: 242mm
width: 187mm

Collection type

Social history


Inscription Printed and written On front: ROYAL AIR FORCE / BRIEF STATEMENT OF SERVICE AND CERTIFICATE / ON DISCHARGE / 1) SURNAME morbey OFFICIAL NO. 2587545 / CHRISTIAN NAME ronald stanley RANK ON DISCHARGE l.a.c. // 2) PERIOD OF WHOLE-TIME SERVICE. FROM 8th april 1953 TO 25/4/55 / 3) TRADE IN CIVIL LIFE compositor 4) R.A.F. TRADE ON ENTRY wireless operator / 5) DETAILS OF ANY R.A.F. TRADE TRAINING wireless operators course - pass - november 1953 / 6) R.A.F. TRADE ON DISCHARGE AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES. (VIDE A.M. PAMPHLET 51) / operates ground w/t receiving equipment & associate transmitters for point to / point & ground to air channels. Receives & transmits morse, maintains operational / records, handles and records signals traffic. Undertakes first line servicing of / ground w/t receiving equipment. Erects receiving aerials. installs simple field / telephone systems. // 9) REASON FOR DISCHARGE q.r.607(5) on completion of whole time national service. // 10) REMARKS (THIS SECTION TO BE USED ONLY TO AMPLIFY ASSESSMENTS, TRADE QUALIFICATIONS, ETC., WHERE NECESSARY) / despite lack of aptitude for his trade he has achieved an above average standard by virtue of conscientiousness and hard work.

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1650 (2005-09-21)

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Start datec. 1951
End date1955
InstitutionValence House Museum
Collection typeSocial history