Evelyn John Fanshawe (1854-)

Object number

LDVAL 2007.5.5


Small tinted photograph of Evelyn John Fanshawe as a young boy. Held in a small circular metal frame with a glazed front. Donated as part of a larger Fanshawe donation to the archives department. Born in London on 22nd July 1854, Evelyn John was the son of John Gaspard Fanshawe (1824-1903) and Barbara Frederica Beaujolois Coventry (1832-1903). He was elder brother to Basil Thomas and Beaujolois Mabel, who, together, worked to detail the Fanshawe family history and collect together the disparate family portraits. He was also uncle to Aubrey Basil, who donated the portrait collection to Valence House Museum in 1963. Evelyn John was the last of the Fanshawe family to be baptised at Dagenham Parish Church. He left Eton in 1872 after four years of schooling. In 1875 he joined the West Essex Militia (4th Battalion Essex Regiment) and attained the rank of Captain in 1881. he resigned from service after 12 years. In 1903 he inherited the Parsloes estate, which was already in a ruinous state, and in 1916 he sold the property to London County Council. In 1887 her married Emily Moore, and together they had one son: Edgar Sydney Waldo (1891-)

Physical description

Small tinted photograph of the head of a young boy, aged around 13. He is resting his head on his right hand. The picture has been tinted to give him rosy cheeks, red lips and brown hair. Set on a blue background. The photograph as been cut and pushed into an open backed round mount, with a metal frame and glazed front.






Whole Diameter: 24mm
Depth: 4mm

Collection type

Social history


Inscription Written label On reverse of photograph: Evelyn John Fanshawe

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1679/5 (2007-01-23)

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