Favour Card

Object number

LDVAL 2009.9.17

Physical description

Favour Card for the 1905 wedding of the donors Grandmother, Florence Pearman. The card is enclosed within its original envelope wich has two embossed flowers and vines on the tip of the envelope flap on the reverse, both are cream in colour. A consertina folded card with rolling scroll work embossed around the edges and in the centre an embossed bow. The card opens in the middle and each side has an embossed oak leaf with a ?P? for the Brides maiden name on the left leaf and an ?S? for the Grooms surname on the right leaf, each in silver type. On the reverse of each side is diagonally written the Bride and Grooms names in silver, the Brides surmane having an arrow shot through it. In the centre is a compliments message from the married couple with the location and date of their wedding underneath, again all in silver.






Envelope length: 80mm
Envelope width: 46mm
Favour Card length: 66mm
Favour Card width: 40mm


Envelope: Paper
Favour Card: Card

Collection type



Typescript Stamped Inside centre: With/ Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Stephens'/ Compliments/ Married at St. Margaret's Church,/ Barking, July 22nd, 1905.
Typescript Stamped Flaps: Florence Pearman>Alfred E. Stephens

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1757 (2009-06-08)

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