Fosbery & Co Life belt

Object number

LDVAL 2005.42.1


after 1930 – before 1939


A life belt made by Fosbery & Co., Barking. Believed to come from the Queen Mary Liner in the 1930s. Fosbery & Co., Barking (sometimes called Fosbery & Co., London) were a Barking based manufactures of life saving devices. They not only provided the Queen Mary with life belts, but also with 3,300 Boddy-Finch life-jackets. These were made from cotton cloth and stuffed with Java Kapok (a fibrous vegetable material minutely honeycombed with air cells). These new type life-jackets were more buoyant, lightweight and comfortable than the old style cork life-jackets. Fosbery & Co. also made the life-jackets for the Titanic.

Physical description

Red and white circular life belt. With rope thread through four loops on the white sections, and bound together at the center. There are shadow marks on the white section where stickers once spelt out Fosbery / Barking. These are now completely removed, but have left a dark outline and clean centre (with some glue residue) to show where they once were.




Another Barking industry was involved in the production of the Queen Mary Liner. Cape Asbestos Co., Ltd., of London, based in Barking, provided heavy asbestos insulation to protect the inner surface of the watertight steel casing of the engine motors from frost


Life belt


Whole Diameter: 720mm
width: 170mm
Depth: 100mm


Covering: Cotton
Innards: Cork

Collection type

Social history


Mark Imprint Top and Bottom of Front: FOSBERY / BARKING

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1624 (2005-11-29)

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  1. My father in law’s family owned the company…… we took him down to barking to visit the old factory site in 2008

      1. Hi DIane, Is there more information available? I have been planning to write an article about Fosbery and the Titanic lifejackets for a while. but there is very little information available. I found two newspaper advertisements and photographs of lifejackets with the Fosbery stamp on them.

        Thanks in advance for your reply

    1. I would also like more information if possible because i am writing my dissertation on Titanic and Essex

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