Garden Competition Trophy

Object number

LDVAL 2006.10.31




Solid silver trophy awarded for the Dagenham Council Housing Estates Best Garden Competition. Awarded between 1938 and 1980, with a 11 year break after the start of WWII.

Physical description

Small silver trophy with a plain body that has banded decoration around the rim. The stem is short and undecorated, and the foot has three steps and banded decoration around the edge. The handle are plain with a scroll decoration at the top. Set on a black plastic plinth that bears nine engraved silver shields with the names of the winners, and also has the names of 11 winners engraved directly onto the foot of the plinth. 12 names are also engraved directly onto the back of the trophy.




WINNERS (on shields) 1938. Mr A.E. Bonnington, 38 MacDonald Avenue 1939. Mr T.H. Atkins, 21 Crossway 1951. Mr W. Kirk, 26 Kershawe Road 1952. Mr W. J. Newman, 4 Ashbrook Road 1953. Mr C.A. Sawyer, 21 Laski Close 1954. Mr C.A. Sawyer, 21 Laski Close 1955. Mr W.J. Newman, 4 Ashbrook Road 1956. Mr R. Norris, 3 Bevan Close, Dagenham 1957. Mr R. Norris, 3 Bevan Close, Dagenham (on plinth) 1958. W. Silcox, 4 Bevan Close, Dagenham 1959. H.G. Phillips, 112 Kingston Avenue, Dagenham 1960. H.G. Phillips, 112 Kingston Avenue, Dagenham 1961. H.G. Phillips, 112 Kingston Avenue, Dagenham 1962. Mr R.I. Norris, 81 Beamway, Dagenham 1963. Mr R.I. Norris, 81 Beamway, Dagenham 1964. Mr A.J. Biggs, 48 Listowel Road, Dagenham 1965. Mr W. Newman, 4 Ashbrook Road, Dagenham 1966. Mr J. White, 46 Greatfields Road, Barking (at this point Barking and Dagenham were merged to create one borough under the name of London Borough of Barking, so technically, Dagenham council estates no longer existed) 1967. Mr W.C. Bayton, 11 Rosalind Court, Meadow Road, Barking 1968. Mr W.S. Poulton, 6 Crouch Avenue, Barking, Essex (on trophy) 1969. R.A. Butler 1970. C.H. Gladwell 1971. J. Hutson 1972. R.A. Butler 1973. G.H. Bainbridge 1974. J.L. Curry 1975. C.A. Hunt 1976. C.A. Hunt / J.S. Woods 1977. C.A. Hunt 1978. W.S. Poulton 1979. R.R. White 1980. J. Hutson




Whole height: 250mm
Trophy height: 190mm
Diameter: 103mm
Plinth height: 60mm
Diameter: 125mm


Trophy: EPNS
Plinth: Plastic

Collection type

Social history


Hallmark Stamped On reverse: JBC & S Ld / [anchor] / [lion] / [M]

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1643/31 (2006-02-14)

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