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Faircross School Governors' report to parents for the school years 1004 - 1995. Outlines management changes, student achievements, proposed building work and end of year budgets. Also mentions the planed amalgamation with Castle and Bentry Special Schools. Mrs Hilda bastable was a representative member of the School's Governing body. Faircross Sepcial School opened in 1920, located in Hulse Avenue, Barking. In April 1996 it amalgamated with Bentry and Castle Special Schools under the name Trinity, and in 1997 finally relocated to the Bentry School site. After this, yhe building was used as the Faircross Community Centre, but is currently waiting a decision as to whether the building will be demolished. From a collection of items documenting Mrs Godfrey's time as Mayor elect for London Borough of Barking for the year 1974-5. Her daughter, Hilda Bastable was her Mayoress for this term.

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13 page booklet printed in black ink on one side of A4 paper. With bright yellow paper covers. The front cover bares a photograph of students in the classroom. Page 1 - Annual meeting of Governors with parents for the school year 1994 to 1995: Introduction, Election of the Governing body, Governors' discharge of their functions and Staff; Page 2 - School attendance, Smoking and health policy and Education act 1993: Code of practice on the identification and assessment of special educational needs; Page 3 - Curriculum development; Page 4- Health trust provision: School nurse, Physiotherapy and speech therapy; Page 5 - Examination results, Leavers. Mainstream links, Work experience, Swimming lessons, Financial statement and Eastbury School proposed sport's hall development; Page 6 - Decision of the Secretary of State to approve a one site special school; Page 7 - Appendix 1: Membership of Governing body; Page 8 - Appendix 2: statement of accounts; Page 9 - Appendix 3: Receipts and payments account; Page 10 - Appendix 4: Staff list; Page 11 - Appendix 5: Faircross School holidays 1996/1996; Pages 12 & 13 - Proposed building plans.






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Entry Number 1670/23 (2006-12-15)

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