H.F. Van bottle

Object number

LDVAL 2007.25.2


after 1876 – before 1890


Pale green glass bottle used to contain carbonated drinks made by H.F. Van of Barking. The bottle is made by T. Turner & Co. of Dewsbury.
In 1876 H. F. Van opened a coffee-shop in Heath Street, Barking, and began making his own mineral waters. This side-line soon overshadowed the original business, so Van built a factory in Axe Street, Barking, where Bifrons House once stood. Claimed to be the largest mineral water factory in London, it was designed to enable vans to drive straight through, unloading empties and loading up with fresh stock. In 1886 Van opened a branch at Grays but this overstretched his resources and in 1890 he sold the business to R. White & Sons. They improved the Axe Street factory and became a public company in 1894. The factory was finally demolished in 1972/3 when White's relocated to East Ham.

Physical description

Pale green glass bottle. Has a stamped logo on the front of the body of the bottle, which runs the length of the bottle. It shows an old delivery cart presented vertically within an oval border. To the top, left and bottom of this are the Van company details. On the back, at the base is a smaller stamp of the bottle manufacturer.






Whole height: 230mm
Diameter: 60mm

Collection type

Social history


Mark stamped On front: H. F. VAN & CO. BARKING TRADEMARK
Mark Stamped Reverse: T. Turner & Co. Makers Dewsbury

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1692/2 (2007-05-23)

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One thought on “H.F. Van bottle

  1. Hi. I have a bottle that is looks exactly like the one you have pictured, except for one thing: The stamped logo on the front of the bottle looks somewhat like a crown, and the words are: C.E. Edmonds Detritend Birmingham. Tis is done in an oval shape as is yours. The back has the same stamp as yours. Inside the bottle is a stopper shaped somewhat like a bullet. Do you know anything about this bottle? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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