Log book of Barking Church of England Boy's School, 1901-1915

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January 4th, 1901 – January 23rd, 1915


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Log book of Barking Church of England Boy's school recording childrens admittance, absence and attendance, teachers absences, appointments and resignations, illnesses and infections, inspection reports, school holidays, examinations, examination in religious knowledge reports, diocesan inspections, details of lessons undertaken 'scheme of instruction', observance of public holidays eg ash wednesday, ascension day, empire day, annual distribution of prizes, effects of hop and pea picking and town carnival on attendance, readers, boys leaving for work or leaving town or changing standard, attendance of swimming classes, outings to chrysamthemum exhibitions in public baths, results of swimming gala's, fire drills, with particular reference to first swimming lessions (30 april 1901), outbreak of measels (15 May 1901) (8 March 1911), Harry Graham promoted from standard 2 to standard 3 (June 26 1901), commencement of hopping season (27 August 1901), swimming exhibition (26 September 1901), attedance damaged by circus visiting town (8 October 1901), small pox vaccinations (20 January 1902), boys leave to join newly opened school (4 March 1902), outbreaks of small pox (12 March 1902), school closure for peace in South Afirca (2 June 1902), asphalting of boys playground ( 12 June 1902), extra weeks holiday to commemorate coronation (1 September 1902), hop picking (10 September 1902) (7 September 1903), recieved a grant of £263 to improve school (19 November 1902), physical excersise and military drills recieving attention (29 april 1903), new management system (1 October 1903), school fee abolished (1 October 1903), diptheria outbreak (15 December 1903), reorganisation of classes (18 Jan 1904), effect of opening of Westbury School and closing of Wexleyau school (30 May 1904), opening of new cloakrooms (14 July 1904), boys in competition for special scholarship (18 September 1905), boys won swimming race against local schools (17 November 1905), prevalence of whooping cough (11 November 1905), commencement of classes in manual instruction in woodwork (30 August 1906), boys attended large menargerie in town (10 September 1906), Henry Beutley recieved intimation that he was successful in competing for P.T's scholarship (14 September 1906) 32 boys received certificates for swimming 90ft (15 November 1906), scarlet fever in the town (3 December 1906), fire extinguishers placed in every department (8 May 1907), George Jackson Esq C.C. gave an address on the history of Barking Abbey to older boys (5 May 1907), pupil teacher present in school ( 6 April 1908), Mr Hardy recieved scholarship for pupil teacher (10 September 1908), re organisation of the school (7 March 1910), boys were taken to a tuberculosis exhibition (15 March 1910), lecture on temperance and hygiene ( 2 November 1910), death of headmaster Mr Garstang (21 November 1910), School closed for cornoation of George V (21 June 1911), swimming gala (26 September 1911), Alfred Ling had an epileptic fit and remained unconscious for two hours ( 27 September 1911), changes to school timetable (26 November 1912), complaint made concerning punishment of a boy in class 3 (18 April 1913), Stanley Smith fell in the playground and broke his arm (8 July 1914), Herbert Cooper fell and fractured his arm (28 September 1914), Mr Burrows, Mr Berry, Mr Beal and Mr Beard left to enlist in the 5th Essex Regiment at Chelmsford and a speech was given to the boys to inform them of the changes about to take place, discussions about staffing in special circumstances (29 October 1914), Arthur bones, aged 9, collided with another boy and broke his collar bone (9 november 1914), Death of Mr Beal (8 March 1915), suspension of George Leach for gross insubordination, defiance and threats (30 March 1915), George Leach expelled (16 April 1915), Attendance low due to boys working in fields ( 24 June 1915), Visit from Mr Draine an old boy of the school on leave from the front (15 July 1915),


Sir James Cambell, owner of Clayhall, by his will proved in 1642, gave £667 to fund a free school in Barking. By 1648 executors of his had built a school and a bought a house for the headmaster. Under the terms of the Barking Workhouse Act 1786, the school was taken over by the Barking Directors of the Poor. The school was reorganised to accommodate more places in 1810, and there were 200 pupils at the school by 1818. In 1824, the school came in union with the National Society. A new building was subsequently erected in the workhouse garden and by 1847 there were 335 pupils at the school. A further new building was erected in Back Lane costing £4000, this was enlarged in 1875 and again in 1889. The infants department built in 1896. The school came to be known as Barking Church of England School and then later St. Margaret's Church of England.

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Start dateJanuary 4th, 1901
End dateJanuary 23rd, 1915