Log book of Barking Church of England Boy's School, 1915-1935

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January 23rd, 1915 – January 1st, 1935


1 bound volume




Log book of Barking Church of England Boy's school referring to particulars of teaching staff, teacher absences, student teachers, pupil attendence, attendence of swimming lessons, pupil admittence, examinations, scripture examinations, medical examinations, absence of teachers and pupils for registration purposes, Diocisan Inspections,examinations in relgious knowledge, effects of hopping, observation of public holidays, effects of air raids on attendance, school sports days, class organisation, school trips, visits, with particular reference to visit from serving headmaster Mr burrows on leave (25 august 1915), class photograph ( 21 Sepetember 1915), during games Mr Jenks fell and hit his head ( 23 September 1914), boys absent due to late night from Zeppelin over London (14 October 1915), Stanley Smith collided with another boy and fell cutting his eyebrow (8 february 1916), Mr Leonard joined regiment ( 15 february 1916), Mr Jenks joined Officers Cadet Unit at cambridge (25 February 1916), Mr Berry returned after war service (21 March 1916), Mr Caton commenced war service (13 april 1916), Alfred Ruet was accidently struck by a cricket bat requiring surgical treatment (18 april 1916), Mr simpson commenced war service (24 May 1916), Whitsun holidays postponed (6 June 1916), letter recieved asking for list of boys in employment outside of school (28 June 1916), Arthur Mieton cut finger climbing fence (3 July 1916), meeting of Education sub committee to discuss educational matters (18 July 1916). combination of classes (11 September 1916), Henry Mouk addressed the boys on the national mission (1 November 1916), Harry Hall fell and injured his wrist (8 November 1916), War savings association formed (18 January 1917), Air raid - loud explosion near school understood to be enemy aircraft in the district (13 June 1917), Warning of impending air raid so boys dismissed (15 June 1917) (2 October 1917), arrangements for safety in air raids formulated (3 October 1917), exhibition of allotment produce (12 October 1917), leaving age made 14 and head teachers must dismiss everyone immediately on hearing air raid warning ( 12 November 1917), visit of F. A. Jenks (14 March 1918), Henry Mitchell fractured right wrist (15 October 1918), armistice signed (11 November 1918), Mr Burrows returned as head master (10 February 1919), Arthur Jackson absconded from school (9 April 1919), Edward Grey injured his arm falling in the playground (21 October 1919), Frank Kirby was knocked down and injured his face (11 December 1919), George Groves broke his left arm ( 29 March 1920), charles Carner cut his wrist climbing fence (6 September 1921), trip to broadway cinema (10 November 1921), performance of the tempest (16 November 1921), Fred Kemp injured his foot (20 June 1922), 11 boys given free dinners were sick (21 July 1922), Jack cutmore sprained his ankle (8 September 1922), school closed for Royal visit to Becontree (12 June 1923), Alfred Waite cut his eye (13 June 1923), Denis Sawbins fell and damaged his knee (13 March 1924), Attended Empire exhibition at Wembley (8 July 1924), Leslie Millar played in school boy international football match between England and Wales (21 April 1925), General strike (7 May 1926), Henry Scott needed a stitch in his lip after colliding with another boy (4 July 1927), G Emmery swallowed a safety pin (4 May 1928), Herbert Collard stuck his foot with the prong of a gardening fork ( 30 August 1929), performance of Merchant of Venice ( 5 December 1929), Harman Lee fell and damaged his knee ) 18 February 1930), George Bones collided with another pupil and injured his side (12 March 1930), Mr Cook granted permission to use the cane for minor offences (25 August 1930), giving boys career advice (24 March 1931), Charter celebrations (2 October 1931), school used as a polling station (26 October 1931), Arthur Prophet cut his fingers (28 October 1931), Mr Fowler granted permission to use cane (12 November 1931), A boy named Hall fell and damaged his elbow (2 March 1932), Victor Killett cut above his eye (12 September 1932), Bates fell and damaged his arm (16 May 1933), Henry Wheels fell and broke his collar bone (6 December 1933), Leslie Wells ran into a twig and cut his cheek (2 July 1934), Silver jubilee celebrations (8 May 1935).


Sir James Cambell, owner of Clayhall, by his will proved in 1642, gave £667 to fund a free school in Barking. By 1648 executors of his had built a school and a bought a house for the headmaster. Under the terms of the Barking Workhouse Act 1786, the school was taken over by the Barking Directors of the Poor. The school was reorganised to accommodate more places in 1810, and there were 200 pupils at the school by 1818. In 1824, the school came in union with the National Society. A new building was subsequently erected in the workhouse garden and by 1847 there were 335 pupils at the school. A further new building was erected in Back Lane costing £4000, this was enlarged in 1875 and again in 1889. The infants department built in 1896. The school came to be known as Barking Church of England School and then later St. Margaret's Church of England.

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Start dateJanuary 23rd, 1915
End dateJanuary 1st, 1935