Log book of Barking Church of England Boy's School, 1935-1981

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January 10th, 1935 – January 29th, 1981


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Log book of Barking Church of England Boy's School recording attendance, examinations, appointment and resignation of teachers, scripture examinations, report on religious instruction, medical examinations, teacher absences, swimming lessons, school holidays, visits, class organisation, sports days, open days, school trips, lectures given, teacher training, purchase of new equipment, observation of public holidays eg armistice day, school concerts and plays, fire drills, staff meetings, air raid warnings, flying bombs and rocket bombs 1940- 1944, repair work after war, with particular reference to lcoal government centenary (3 October 1935), Fred Balding broke collar bone ( 7 October 1935), school closure for wedding of duke of gloucester (6 November 1935), school closure for burial of George V (28 January 1936), Thomas Godwin hurt his wrist (2 March 1936), Arthur Price damaged his arm during high jump (18 May 1936), Ronald Murrant crushed his finger (2 September 1936), James Hayes was hit by a B.B which fell from an easel (13 November 1936), Thomas Cutts cut his nose (12 March 1937), James Warren cut his wrist (21 April 1937), coronation festivities (11 May 1937), Alfred Suckling hurt his wrist (7 June 1937), retirement of Head Master Mr Burrows (31 January 1938), Jimmy Goodey fractured a finger (4 April 1938), Harry smith hurt his collar bone (13 April 1938), Mrs West his refused demand to exclude her daughter from afternoon prayers (10 May 1938), Mrs Copeland reports offence against her son at camp boys concerned punished (22 June 1938), likelihood of war (22 September 1938) Government planning evacuation of children (23 September 1938), Meeting with parents about evacuation - some agree for children to go with teachers (27 September 1938), Ms Swann reports her daughter has Diptheria, two sisters excluded (23 November 1938), Reginald Wheeler fell at play time (29 November 1938), headmaster spoke to Mr Gray about his work (2 February 1939), wireless set brought to school (10 March 1939), formal questionairres about evacuation plans sent to parents (21March 1939), painting of school (17 April 1939), foundation day (26 May 1939), Jaene Hayes breaks little finger (23 June 1939), teachers assemble to for purpose of readiness for evacuation (26 August 1939), children being evacuated kept at school while others sent home (29 august 1939), Day of evacuation (1 September 1939), School re opened for non evacuees over 10 (27 November 1939), school reassembled part time for children over 7 (2 january 1940), More children back (2 april 1940), second evacuation (12 June 1940), First air raid warning - shelters in use for first time (26 august 1940), School damaged during heavy air raid (9 April 1941), forming of parents association (28 august 1941), discontinuation of senior girls needlework (19 August 1941), permission to use Abbey Field as school garden (3 October 1941), sale of school magasine (10 December 1941), Miss Light asked and refused to exhibit childrens work on walls (29 April 1942), Miss Light asked for transfer to another school (8 May 1942), Older girls put up drawings in Miss Lights classroom (18 June 1942), Diptheria immunisation (November- December 1942), Margaret Dorothy Smith, born in an air raid, admitted to the school with much ceremony (11th October 1943), investigations show gambling and smoking in boys and girls calling each other on public telephones and stealing stamp cards (24 January 1944), Extensive damage to school trhgouh rocket bomb 100 yards away, Clifford Wells lost a leg (15 January 1945), end of the war (8 - 10 May 1945), Jeeuce Albert Wilson interviewed by magistrates, discovered his father abandoned mother (18 September 1945) admittance to school of Doreen Pike from Banardo's (18 September 1945), Thomas Farmer, aged 6, died of diptheria (2 May 1949), child swallowed stone (15 June 1951), child fell from climbing frame (21 June 1951), child seriously injured during dinner hour (26 June 1951), mumps epidemic (21 November 1951), 10 table cloths taken from infants class room (5 December 1951), listen to radio broadcast of accsension of Elizabeth II (8 Febraury 1952), Chas Smith cut hand climbing (19 May 1952), Carol Beason sits for county scholarship a second time andRosemary Wheaton offered a place at Dagenham County High School (18 June 1952), Anthony Edwards excluded for being too difficult (21 October 1952), Anthony Edwards re admitted with psychiatric treatment (7 November 1952), report on 'spastic' child Beryl Adams (7 November 1952), Jack and Francis Liebenberg (?) join their father in New Zealand (16 March 1953), temperatures of classrooms recorded as heating insufficient (January 1954), John Wheaton and Diana Evans had immediate success in county scholarships (3 June 1954), fitting of electric lighting (7 September 1954), interviews for new headmaster (28 April 1955), fight between Paul Sayer and George Polley, Polley unconscious (22 September 1955), two teachers purses stolen and police called ( 1 November 1955), Robert Sevell cut his hip (13 Jamuary 1956), Leslie Morley fell and got concussion (24 January 1956), William Airey in hospital with appendicitis aggravated by food poisoning (2 Febraury 1956), 12 cases of dysentry (26 June 1956), Freddie Smith and Kevin Cairns played truant (18 September 1956), Philip Mills fractured skull (21 September 1956), Marilyn Keene cut her lip (27 September 1956), Keith Hanks bumped into gate post (28 September 1956), Philip Mills fell and got concussion (13 November 1956), Jerry Smith sustained a fracture falling in dinner queue (16 November 1956), Robert Manning and Linda Handley both went into a semi coma for no reason and given injections (22 March 1957), Alan Jabbot and Bobby Cooper admitted to stealing sunglasses (22 March 1957), Wendy Roberts fell off a bench and hurt her head (16 May 1957), Asian flu outbreak (11 October 1957), letter regarding injury of Martin Leith in hospital for 5 weeks (13 November 1957), Colin Randall broken wrist (13 January 1958), meeting dscussing future of school (11 June 1958), Robert Busby hit on head with rounders bat (17 June 1958), (22 September 1958), Walter Bones and Billy Scudder truant (21 October 1958), Casinur Lyatt (?), Andrew Hale, Hlen (?) Moss, Pauline Bisset, Carol Leith, Irene Gillet recommended for grammer school (5 May 1959), Victor Ludoron trophy won by Linda Spencer (11 June 1959), children discovered going to fish and chip shops for dinner (26 June 1961), boys bitten by reverends dog (12 September 1966), Elizabeth Hamilton attended one day a week for rest of term (23 January 1967),move from old premises to Faircross School (July 1967), a child ate a battered dish cloth instead of fish (28 March 1968), opening of new building (10 September 1968), infants received presents from father christmas (17 December 1976), flood practice (26 Setember 1978), school closed due to industrial action (29 January 1979), Dagenham town show (15 July 1979), Heidi Gormer won swimming gala (21 May 1980),


Sir James Cambell, owner of Clayhall, by his will proved in 1642, gave £667 to fund a free school in Barking. By 1648 executors of his had built a school and a bought a house for the headmaster. Under the terms of the Barking Workhouse Act 1786, the school was taken over by the Barking Directors of the Poor. The school was reorganised to accommodate more places in 1810, and there were 200 pupils at the school by 1818. In 1824, the school came in union with the National Society. A new building was subsequently erected in the workhouse garden and by 1847 there were 335 pupils at the school. A further new building was erected in Back Lane costing £4000, this was enlarged in 1875 and again in 1889. The infants department built in 1896. The school came to be known as Barking Church of England School and then later St. Margaret's Church of England.

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Start dateJanuary 10th, 1935
End dateJanuary 29th, 1981