Log book of Beacontree Heath Boy's School, 1903-1938

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1903 – January 23rd, 1938


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Log book of Becontree Heath Boy's School recording school inspections and visits, teacher qualifications, swimming lessons, cases of infectious diseases eg measles and scarlet fever, pupil admittance, attendance, teacher appointments, class organisation, speical lectures, observation of public holidays eg Empire day, resignations and holidays, medical inspections, school holidays, pea picking, parish meetings, details of annual grant, school concert, school trips, holidays given for good attendance, distribution of ceritifcates, examinations and results, presentation of prizes, with particular reference to measles epidemic (25 May 1904), scarlet fever (23 September 1904), school closed due to poor attendance (21 November 1904), Herbert Lincoln broke a blackboard (11 January 1905), examined water supply (11 May 1905), dust hole ablaze after cleaner put in smouldering paper, cleared refuse and drenched with water (5 June 1905), H.R. Hearman (?) became head master (3 April 1906), J Philips, G Reader, E Reader,J Reader, L Haler, A Smith, W Philips and E Lope played truant (17 May 1906), Charles Roast (?) punished for trespassing in girls playground (18 may 1906), Harry Verney became headmaster (6 June 1906), David Bixby, Walter Bixby and William Saxby punished for climbing on school roof (4 September 1906), F and N Bemment moved to Chadwell (22 april 1907), Fred Rawlinson moved to Chadwell (13 September 1907), re admittance of William and David Sueby (?) (23 September 1907), admitted Charles Swann (30 September 1907), Herbert and Harry Lincoln left for Ford's school (28 November 1907), admitted Albert Smith (24 February 1908), E Lane suffering from skin disease (9 March 1908), admitted Bertrand (?) Harris (23 March 1908), Herbert Clark absent with injured leg (29 May 1908), admitted Charles and Fred Brooks (9 June 1908), admitted George Crabb and Johnson Horsnail (17 August 1908), admitted Ernest Singer for one week (25 September 1908), admitted Cecil Barker (28 September 1908), J and F Brooks taken off books (9 October 1908), admitted F Burns (16 October 1908), removed W Smith from register (16 October 1908), admitted Fred and Albert Brooks (16 november 1908), George Brabbs removed from roll (15 February 1909), Bertis Sargent (?) attended school with scarlet fever so all boys examined (1 March 1909), flood due to faulty tap (8 March 1909), William Karwood (?) transferred school (19 April 1909), admitted Henry Sutton (24 January 1910), two boys with ring worm excluded (13 March 1910), closed for coronation of George V (16 June 1911), Charles Brooker became head (31 March 1913), headmaster examined report of Alfred Archer improperly interferring with a girl on the way to school which he believes was unfounded (21 November 1913), Mr Budge absent due to mobilisation of territorials (10 August 1914), boys donated to national relief fund (28 August 1914), Fred Truss and Fred St Pier given permission to work the land for 6 weeks (1 April 1915), David Sheaf and Fred St Pier given permission to work the land until 15 May (3 May 1915), Frank Taylor, Wilfred Martin and Eth(?) Kerley given permission to go to work (9 august 1915), George Stokes and Samuel Bixby excluded for sufering from Impetigo and asthma respectively (18 February 1916), Tom Brown and William Littlechild working without permission (24 January 1917), air raid drills daily (18 June 1917), war savings association (21 August 1917), Harry Sheaf and Stanley St Pier granted temporary exemption from school (22 august 1917), John Jeffries granted permission to go to work (6 September 1917), only 6 boys present due to air raid (2 October 1917), boys and girls departments mixed (29 October 1917), Alfred Brown permission to work (28 November 1917), Arthur Davies came to school so dirty he was forced to have a bath (16 September 1918), Arthur Davies sent home head planned to contact RSPCC (19 november 1918), holidays extended to celebrate peace (25 August 1919), Frank Taylor and Charles Guiver (?) awarded the Royal Humane Society's certificate for gallantry for saving the life of Mr P Watts (8 September 1919), Annie Davis fractured her arm (31 October 1919), Elizabeth Fope (?) sent home terrible condition of her head (17 February 1920), Jack Hardy successful in junior scholarship examination (21 May 1920), school closed as building used as a polling station (15 November 1922), George Bibby hurt his arm (4 December 1922), parents complained that workmen threw stones at children when children annoyed them (11 December 1922), Kathleen Silby and Victor Clifton passed part 1 of Junior scholarship exam (10 May 1923), Minnie Reader suspended (17 May 1923), school closed for Kings visit to Becontree (12 June 1923), school closed for two weeks due to prevalent infectious disease (13 March 1924), Lilly Bixby measles (28 Apil 1924), Frank Lawley awarded scholarship (3 July 1924), (?) Clifton, Albert Hayden and Ronald Slade awarded junior scholarships (30 June 1925), Stanley Parrish successful in part 1 of Junior Scholarship exam (13 May 1926), Hellie Hornby got saw dust in her eye (6 July 1926), admitted Frank Barnard (12 July 1926),William Canham measles (13 July 1926), Charles Ruckert excluded for unclean head (16 July 1926), Eva Willsher left district (16 July 1926), Doris Edwards left district (23 July 1926), admitted Charles Brown and Derrick Crosby (6 September 1926), Edith Suiqer (?) impetigo (22 September 1926), admitted Irene smith (4 October 1926), admitted Charles Shipp (11 October 1926), admitted Hetty Green (13 October 1926), Frank Boresham gone to sanatorium (13 October 1926), Gilbert wheeler art scholarship (15 October 1926), Gilbert wheatley moved district (15 october 1926), admitted Arthur Smee (15 October 1926), admitted violet Edwards (26 October 1926), Catherine Matthews and Hannah Convine (?) removed from ergister (29 Ocotber 1926), admitted Margaret Frezise (?) (1 November 1926), Arhtur Smee left (5 November 1926), admitted Arthur Nayaes (8 November 1926),Violet and Rose Durkin left area (11 November 1926), Derrick Grosby taken off roll (12 November 1926), admitted Jack Arhcer (15 November 1926), Lily Smithpunished for writing disgusting note (15 November 1926), admitted Alfred Cater and Grace Convaie (?) (16 November 1926), Maurice Eyres left area (22 November 1926), George Cavin removed (26 November 1926), Rose Parker and Irene smith removed (3 December 1926), Rose chadwick, Ernest Dyce, Margaret Frezise (?) and Hetty Green removed (10 December 1926), Frank Borcham readmitted (20 December 1926), Bertha Poulton and Elsie Wane taken off roll (10 January 1927), readmitted Ethel Raven (10 January 1927), H(?) Austin left district (31 January 1927), J Pittaway taken off roll (18 February 1927), Leonard Barnes, Ivy Watts, Sylvia Offard, Frank Leswell and Elsie Bixby removed from roll (1 April 1927), admitted Lilian Beason and Rebecca Handing (5 april 1927), Frank Riddleford and Ivy Abbott removed (13 Apil 1927), admitted Loiman (?) War;ey, Joesph connor and Geo Hahn (2 May 1927), admitted W.A. Juffey, D Sagges and A. Pullen(3 May 1927), G. Savage removed (6 May 1927), admitted Enid Brooksand Emily Elderstone (16 May 1927), admitted Frank and Albert Nowes (23 May 1927), Rebecca Nadning taken off roll (13 June 1927), Thomas Sooney (?) and Arthur Hayaes removed form roll (24 June 1927), admitted Diana Sparrow (6 July 1927), readmitted Arthur Bixby (11 July 1927), admitted reg Hoss, Harold Prue, H and W Hirchbery, A and O Morgan, W Powditch and B Friend and A Woolf (18-21 July 1927), Joan Davis and Gwendaline (?) off roll (31 august 1927), Olive west kicked by horse (26 September 1927), Rose and Ellen sooney readmitted (27 september 1927), Hilda and George Woodand removed (30 September 1927), admitted beresford Knight and Walter Greaves (3 Ocotber 1927), A Poll and W King admitted (12 October 1927), Cyril Bixby removed (14 October 1927), admitted Ernest Prior (18 October 1927), Annie Wheeler hit by a car on way to school (19 Ocotber 1927), admitted Charles and Alan Seales (25 October 1927), (Head master continues to record every child admitted or taken off of register), Ronald Rogers in car accident (10 November 1927), nurse excluded Stanley Gorlet, April Chambers and Rose Siggers (26 - 27 March 1928), Constance Lashbrook congratulated on her success by clerk (22 June 1928), olive west passed exam for Romford Intermediate school (26 July 1928), Lilah Ball doubt over age (10 January 1929), Lorah Buchell successful entrance exam (22 July 1929) Edward Baker struck by a garden fork (10 January 1930), Albert Noat stole a bike (23 June 1930), water pipes froze (9 February 1931), Hannah Bexley fractured her wrist (6 July 1931), May cantell and Arthur Wakefield passed entrance exam (24 July 1931), psychologist visit (13 September 1931,) (UP TO PAGE 319)


Becontree Heath Board School opened on Wood Lane in 1877 and was then enlarged in 1893. It was reorganised into a primary school made up of infants and juniors in 1935. The school building was demolished in 1966.

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Bound volume.



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Start date1903
End dateJanuary 23rd, 1938