May & Baker Brulidine Cream

Object number

LDVAL 2006.16.1


A boxed and sealed tube of Dibromopropamidine cream, with the trade name of Brulidine. This is an antibiotic cream, used to prevent infections in such things as scalds, burns and nappy rash. It was made by May & Baket Ltd, of Dagenham, distributers of pharmaceutical specialities. May & Baker (M&B) were established in 1834 and were based in Battersea and Wandsworth. In 1927 the company was purchased by Rhone-Poulenc but retained their M&B name due to its fame. On the 13th April 1934 M&B moved to Rainham Road South, Dagenham for the space, water, roads, and railways the location offered, as well as the number of employees available from the new Becontree Estate. The company produced pharmacutacle products and also undertook medical research into areas such as blood pressure, mental illnesses and infectious diseases. M&B experienced great success and expanded, prior to WWII, to have factories in India, South Africa and Canada, in 1940 to Australia, 1942 to New Zealand and in 1944 to West Africa. They also founded a seperate company, M&B Plastics Ltd. By the 1950s however, the facilities at its Dagenham plant were becoming unsuitable, and with no space available for further growth, M&B moved its main factory site to Norwich in 1957. The site at Dagenham (known as the Reasearch Institute) was redeveloped and dedicated to medical reasearch, administration, packaging and storage. In 1990 Rhone-Poulenc Health Devision was merged with Rorer Healthcare to form Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, and a few years later this name replaced the familiar M&B trade name.

Physical description

1oz tube of cream in a rectangular box. The box is cream coloured and has a blue band at the top, which has the brand name printed inside it. In the centre of the front of the box is the M&B logo. The whole box is wrapped in a cellophane wrapper.




This item originally came in as part of a first aid kit kept in a wooden first aid box thought to date from the late 1930s. The medical items inside were modern replacements, with only two identical items having any relevance to Valence House Museum collections. The first aid box was given to the donors partner whilst he was working on the lifeboats at Cromer, Norfolk. Because the first aid box and the rest of its contents do not have any relevance to the history of B&D, these items were not retained (they have been offered to Cromer Museum), and only one of the M&B items have been kept as they were identical.




Box length: 117mm
width: 28mm
Depth: 22mm


Tube: Metal
Box: Paper
Wrapper: Plastic

Collection type

Social history


Inscription Printed On front: Trade mark ‘Brulidine’ Brand Dibromo- propamidine cream Containing 0.15% w/w dibromopropamidine isethionate Mage in England by May & Baker LTD Dagenham

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1649 (2006-04-05)

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InstitutionValence House Museum
Collection typeSocial history