R.M.S. Titanic Collage

Object number

LDVAL 2005.3.1


Framed and glazed memorabilia collage of B/W images of R.M.S. Titanic with notes. Created by Eva Hart, Titanic survivor, who gave it to T. Moore of the Dagenham Royal Naval Association shortly before her death.

Physical description

14 B/W images of the Titanic, with one block of text, mounted on a dark blue background with gold borders. Largest image, at the centre, is a front view of ship along the starboard side, entitled ?AT QUEENSTOWN (COBH) - CORK?. Above this is a drawn image of the Titanic in a porthole style frame with ?R.M.S. TITANIC / LIVERPOOL? on it. Below the central image is a block of text telling the History of Events in chronological order. Running along the left hand side, from top to bottom is: ?A-DECK PROMENADE? - showing man and woman on deck; ?NEWS OF THE DISASTER? - front page of the Daily Express marking twentieth anniversary of event on 15th April 1932; ?THE ANCHOR IS RAISED? - view of port stern showing the raising of the anchor; ?A-DECK? - a view along the deck with one central male figure; ?NEARING COMPLETION - BELFAST? - picture showing the Titanic in dock with work underway for her completion, and a crowd of people on the dockside; ?QUEENSTOWN (COBH)? - image of the Titanic on her way out to sea. On the right hand side, from top to bottom are: ?AT SEA? - Picture of four gentelmen, one lady and one young boy on deck; ?THE LAST LUNCHEON? - copy of the menu for the last meal served on board, dated 14th April 1912; ?A LIFEBOAT? - Image from below one of the 16 lifeboats, looking up; ?S.O.S. TELEGRAM? - Copy of the S.O.S. sent by the Titanic; ?LEAVING QUEENSTOWN (COBH)? - full length portside image of the Titanic undersail; ?TITANIC SINKS? - drawing of the moment the boat sank, with lifeboats in the foreground.






Frame length: 877mm

Collection type

Social history


Inscription Engraved On plaque on front: PRESENTED BY / T.MOORE / ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION / DAGENHAM

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1610

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InstitutionValence House Museum
Collection typeSocial history