Ration book, 1945-46

Object number

LDVAL 2005.21.1


1945 – 1946


Ministry of Food ration book, 1945-46, belonging to Rose R. Wilkinson of 53 Wellington Way, Bow, London E3. Used. The book was found amongst books, collected by the Friends of Valence House, from Mr Wilkinson of 90 Parsloes Avenue, Dagenham. Mr Wilkinson was a fighter pilot in WWII and worked for British Railways. The ration book belonged to his wife. Other books in the collection contained the same address in Bow.

Physical description

Small booklet bound with staples and string. Originally contained 38 pages of coupons for food stuffs. Only 8 complete pages now remain. Nearly all of these have either been cut out or crossed through in coloured pencil. The last few pages have become detached from the rest in the past, and a rudimentary repair has been made by sewing the pages back together.




Ration Book


Whole length: 132mm
width: 107mm

Collection type


Alternative reference

Entry Number 1638 (2005-09-13)

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Start date1945
End date1946
InstitutionValence House Museum
TypeRation Book
Collection typeEphemera