(Reverend) John Fanshawe (1773-1843), 7th of Parsloes

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c. 1783


(Reverend) John Fanshawe as a boy. He was the eldest son of John Gascoyne Fanshawe, 6th of Parsloes (see no.32) and his wife Mary Parkinson (see no.28). He was schooled at Westminster in September 1780 and afterwards went onto Felstead, entering in April 1784. Then in 1790 he went to Christ Church and gained a BA (1795) and MA (1797). He was ordained Deacon in 1796, but following disputes with the tenants of Parsloes and an incident in the hunting field, the Bishop of London declined to ordain him Priest, frustrating hopes of his presentation of the living at Dagenham. He was ordained, however, by the Bishop of Sodor and Man in 1802, the year before his succession as the 7th Fanshawe of Parsloes, where he enlarged the house to 24 rooms, recased the outer walls with brick and added battlements which concealed the original gables. He was presented by his college, Christ Church, Oxford, to the perpetual curacy of Torrington, Devon in 1807 and to the vicarage of Frodsham near Chester in 1818. There is a family tradition that John Fanshawe married a widow, but there is no available evidence for this, and there were certainly no children from the union. He died at home on 27th October 1843 and was buried on 3rd November. This portrait has, until recently, been dated to 1790. However, this would mean that John was in his late teens in this portrait, which cannot be correct. It can be suggested that this portrait was painted when John was about 10 years old, c.1783

Physical description

Bust length portrait of a young boy. He is wearing cream breeches and a blue, v-necked, double-breasted jacket with a large white lace collar. He has both hands in the pockets of his breeches. He has blond hair to his shoulders. There is a red curtain above his head and behind his right shoulder, and a blue landscape can be seen over his left shoulder.



Portrait Painting


Whole height: 580mm
width: 480mm
Canvas height: 500mm
width: 410mm

Collection type

Visual arts, Fanshawe Portraits


Inscription Typed Bottom horizontal strainer piece: “23. Reverend John Fanshawe (1773 – 1843), 7th of Parsloes, as a boy. He was the eldest son of John Gascoyne Fanshawe, 6th of Parsloe, For details of his life see No. 38. Artist Unknown” This label also bears a circular stamp saying: “Public Libraries Dagenham”
Inscription Written Top horizontal strainer piece: “Master John Fanshawe son of John Gasgoyne Fanshawe Esqr of Parsloes” This label probably repeats the indistinct inscription written on the back of the canvas. The canvas also bears a very indistinct Artists colourmans’ stamp. The only part of which that can be made out is “J50”.

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