Sir Thomas Fanshawe of Jenkins (1628-1705)

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c. 1659


Sir Thomas Fanshawe, son of Thomas (1607-1652) and Susanna Otten (1608-1668) (see LDVAL 42). He was the fifth and last Fanshawe of Jenkins, Barking and last Lord of the Manor of Barking, which his grandfather has purchased from the Crown on the year of his birth. In 1679 he presented the Elizabethan court and market house, along with five acres of market place and related shops and stalls, to the inhabitants of Barking. He was knighted in 1660. In 1657 he married Margaret (1635-1674) (see LDVAL 10), daughter of Edward Heath, with whom he had one daughter, Susanna (1661-1714). After the death of his wife and daughter's marriage, he married for a second time, to his cousin Elizabeth Fanshawe (1641-1705) (see LDVAL 2004.5.2). The portrait was previously thought to have shown Thomas' father - Thomas Fanshawe of Jenkins (1607-1652) - who died when Lely was 13 years old.

Physical description

Portrait of a gentleman wearing a long brown silk jacket with a high neck and white silk cravat hanging over the top. White silk sleeves are visible at the cuffs. He has a brown velvet cloak draped over his left shoulder, which trails down the length of the front of his body. He is seated and is leaning, with his left arm resting on a brown block. He has long brown hair. Set on a plain brown background.



Portrait Painting


Whole height: 1530mm
width: 1320mm
Canvas height: 1220mm
width: 1020mm

Collection type

Visual arts, Fanshawe Portraits

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