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c. 1995


Coloured booklet advertising ATCO Power Ltd and ATCo Ltd, one of the partner companies in Barking Power Station. Gives background information on ATCOs involvement in the Barking Power Station project, and other projects across the globe.

King George V opened the coal-fired Barking Power Station in 1925 although it had been running for some months before this official ceremony. It was built to provide electricity for a large part of Essex as well as for part of Kent and, by the time its four separate sections were completed, it was the largest steam powered station in Europe with a total output of some 100 megawatts of electricity. This electricity was fed into the National Grid for general consumption.

The site, where River Road, Barking, meets the Thames, was chosen because it was easily accessible for the constant stream of coal ships bringing deliveries.

With the decline in coal-produced electricity, the Station started a redundancy programme in the 1970s and finally closed in November 1981. The buildings were then demolished.

Today, a new Barking Power Station exists, sited in Chequers Road, Dagenham, beside the Breach. Construction started in March 1992 and it took 2000 people three years to build. The Station was commissioned in 1995.

This was the first independent power project in southeast England to operate within the newly privatised electricity industry and was the first large generating station to be built in Greater London for more than 30 years. Run by Thames Power, a company jointly owned by Atco Power and Balfour Beatty, the plant is gas-fired and uses advanced combined-cycle technology. This enhances fuel efficiency and reduces emissions by utilising the heat recovered from the gas turbine to power a steam turbine to generate more electricity.

Running 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, the Station has a 1000 megawatt output with one of the best environmental records in Europe and provides more than 20% of London's peak need or over one-third of its annual consumption.

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Landscape A4 sized 14 page colour printed booklet. Front cover shows a coloured view of Barking Powe Station Visitors Centre from across Dagenham Breach. Page 1: ATCOs Power's Strengths. Page 2: Introduction. Page 3 & 4: Barking Combined-cycle Power Plant. Page 5 & 6: Osborne Cogeneration Plant. Page 7: McMahon Cogeneration Plant. Page 8: Joffre Cogeneration Project. Page 9: Poplar Hill Power Plant. Page 10: Primrose Cogeneration Plant. Page 11: Rainbow Lake Cogeneration Power PLant and Heathrow Cogeneration Plant. Page 12: Bulwer Island Cogeneration Project. Page 13: The ATCO group of companies. Page 14: Pokect for additional literature.






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Entry Number 1631/3 (2005-08-30)

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Start datec. 1995
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