The Leicestershire Experiment

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LDVAL 3031/14


January 1957


Pamphlet: The Leicestershire Experiment, by Stewart C. Mason.

In April 1957 Leicestershire LEA adopted the ‘Leicestershire Experiment’, later more tactfully renamed the ‘Leicestershire Plan’. In two areas of the county, Oadby/Wigston and Hinckley, the 11+ examination would be abandoned, with all children transferring to local high schools at the age of 11. After three years, those children whose parents undertook to keep their children at school until the age of 16 transferred to a single grammar school for the area, while the others remained in the high school until they reached the school leaving age of 15. Changes of school were not linked to any examination, and a comprehensive system could be created without the immediate need for larger buildings. It was considered an ideal ‘solution’ to the perceived disadvantages of the 11+ in a period when there was little money for new building projects. By 1969 the plan had been rolled out across the whole county, making Leicestershire the first county to become fully comprehensive. When the school leaving age was raised to 16 in 1972, all children transferred to the upper school after three years in a high school.




Whole length: 213mm
width: 140mm

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DateJanuary 1957
InstitutionValence House Museum
Collection typeEphemera