The organ at St.Margaret's Church

Object number

LDVAL 2013.31.14


A photographic postcard depiciting the organ at St.Margaret's church, Taken at the last organ recital on march the 2nd 1913.

Physical description

There is a photograph of an organ on the front of the postcard which has white borders, the photograph itself is of the majority of the organ, the main pipes are clearly visible as is the sheet music and the decorative wood paneling, at the bottom left corner of the photograph the words ?The Organ.? are printed, in the bottom right the words ?St Margarets.? are printed. The words ?Last Organ Recital, March 2nd 1913? are handwritten across the reverse of the postcard. At the top center the words ?Post Card? are printed and underlined, there is also a line to split the postcard into two columns, on the left ?For Communication? and on the right ?Address Only?, Whomever wrote the handwritten note used both columns.






Whole length: 88mm
Whole width: 138mm

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InstitutionValence House Museum
Collection typeEphemera