William Warne letter opener

Object number

LDVAL 2007.8.1


Unmarked white metal (possibly steel) letter opener presented as a gift by William Warne Co. Ltd, of Barking, to their clients. This rubber manufacturing company was established in 1896 by Messrs William Warne and co. They purchased the factory buildings of the defunct Jute factory in Fisher Street, Barking, which were then the largest factory buildings in the UK. The Warne rubber factory was one of the largest of the local industries in the area until its closure in the 1970s.

Physical description

White metal letter opener. Long and narrow with a waisted section two-thirds along the length. Above this waist the metal is flat and widens gradually to the end. This section is engraved on both sides. Below the waist the opener is convex and tapers to a point.




Letter opener


Whole length: 243mm
width: 15mm
width: 2mm

Collection type

Social history


Inscription Array One side of flat section: With the Compliments of WILLIAM WARNE & CO. LTD, BARKING. ESSEX ENGLAND
Inscription Array One side of flat section: RUBBER for all Industries

Alternative reference

Entry Number 1682 (2007-02-06)

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